Corey Hamm and Jocelyn Morlock CD Launch


The People United Will Never Be Defeated!: New CD by Corey Hamm

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!: The new CD by Corey Hamm

In a couple weeks or so, two good friends will be co-launching their respective CDs — and, by stroke of serendipitous fortune, both albums feature my artwork! On March 4th, 2014, composer Jocelyn Morlock will have her CD launch concert, presented by Music on Main at the new Fox Theatre (yes, it used to be an old porno theatre). Her new CD, entitled Cobalt, is a collection of her recent orchestral music and features on its cover a detail from my painting A Garden for Saint Anthony (commissioned by Jennifer and Brian Nesselroad). This concert will feature pianist extraordinaire Corey Hamm, who is also launching his first solo CD, The People United Will Never Be Defeated!, featuring Frederic Rzewski’s virtuosic warhorse of the same name. Corey’s CD is the newest release on Redshift Records and sports a painting of mine especially commissioned for the occasion, Where the Wyrm Dieth Not. To complete the circle, Corey’s programme will include a newly commissioned work by Jocelyn, entitled Corybantic (which apparently is a real word). So here’s to seeing you at the newly renovated (and hopefully newly upholstered) Fox Theatre on March 4th!

Cobalt: The new CD by Jocelyn Morlock

Cobalt: The new CD by Jocelyn Morlock