Bird Bacharach II

Bird Bacharach II (2014), commissioned by Michael Murray.

Bird Bacharach II (2014), commissioned by Michael Murray.

Done! Done, done, done. Yesterday I put the final touches on a commission for organist Michael Murray, entitled “Bird Bacharach II”, inspired by a drawing you can see here. This morning the ol’ bird got loaded into Jay’s car and driven out to the Silk Purse in West Vancouver where, along with his buddies “The Hideous Birds“, “Garden for Saint Anthony“, and “Where the Wyrm Dieth Not“, he’ll be on display as part of a group show that focusses on what I like to call “double-dippers” — folks who dabble in not one but two artistic genres. To this end, the exhibit also features work by soprano/painter Karen Santos, painter/poet Camille Mehta, and soprano/photographer Michelle Koebke. What’s more, on May 22nd (at 10:30am!) pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa and I will join forces once again to form our duo, Tiresias, and present a recital at the Silk Purse inspired by the four paintings I have on display. Opening night is Tuesday, May 13th (tomorrow as I write this) and the exhibit will be up until the end of the month.


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